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What are some signs of an unsafe nursing home?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2023 | Personal Injury

When you first arrange for your loved one to enter a nursing home, you may imagine them being respectfully and kindly taken care of. When you find out later on that the staff is neglectful, this could come as a shock to you.

Being aware of the warning signs of a potentially dangerous place to live can allow you to make decisions that will protect your loved one.

Odd spills and dirt

According to Psychology Today, an unclean room or slippery floors can lead to an elderly person tripping and falling. Any signs that the staff of a nursing home has not cleaned the hallways or living spaces of your loved one is worrisome. This problem includes noticing spills, bugs and broken walkers or other equipment.

Tense or rude interactions

Even if the staff only interacts with residents for a short amount of time, you can still see clues about their treatment. A lack of care for polite discussion with your loved one or other people in the home, such as instances of yelling or insults, can damage an older person’s mental health.

If you notice your loved one withdrawing from conversations and not interacting with other residents or staff, this could be the source of the problem.

Complaints about thirst and hunger

If the staff fails to properly supply food and water to the residents, you may notice passing comments from your loved one about having a dry mouth. While talking with them, you may also hear the sound of a rumbling stomach.

No matter what you notice, taking written notes of it and watching for more incidences can help you take steps for any injuries your elderly loved one may have.