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DUI and college scholarships in Georgia

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | Drunk Driving

Receiving a DUI in Georgia can have far-reaching consequences, particularly for college students relying on scholarships to fund their education.

Understanding the potential impact of a DUI on college scholarships is crucial for students and their families.

Scholarship provider discretion

The effect of a DUI conviction on a student’s scholarship eligibility varies from one provider to another. Some scholarships have strict moral or conduct clauses, which may lead to the loss of funding if a student gets convicted of a crime such as a DUI. Others may have more lenient policies or leave the decision to the discretion of the scholarship committee.

In some cases, a scholarship provider may choose to revoke a scholarship based on the severity of the DUI offense or if the student has a history of similar behavior. It is essential for students to understand the specific conditions of their scholarships and to communicate openly with their scholarship providers about any legal issues that arise.

Protecting your scholarship opportunities

To avoid jeopardizing their scholarship eligibility, students should strive to maintain a clean criminal record and uphold the ethical and behavioral standards set by their scholarship providers. If a student finds themselves facing a DUI charge, it is critical to seek advice and work diligently to minimize the impact on their academic and financial future. Many scholarship committees are willing to work with college students who received a DUI, if the student is forthright with the mistake, takes ownership of it, and vows never to do it again.