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What should you do after a hit-and-run crash?

Many individuals who are involved in crashes abide by Georgia laws and stop and wait for the police to come to sort things out. Some motorists leave the scene of a crash though. Drivers may do this if they don't have a valid license or insurance, if they have a warrant out for their arrest or because they think that they've seriously injured or killed someone. If you've been struck by another motorist that's fled the scene of the crash, then there are certain steps that you should take.

Does clothing color impact a pedestrian's risk of getting struck?

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data shows that evenings between 6 p.m. and midnight are the most dangerous hours for individuals to take a walk. It's during these times that nearly 50% of pedestrians are struck by cars. There are some common reasons why incidents like these occur. There are also some things that you can do to ensure that you're not the next victim of such a crash.

What rights do pedestrians have in Georgia?

Virtually every city or state has laws on the books that describe what type of activities that a pedestrian can lawfully engage in without the risk of being ticketed. These rules and regulations aren't on the books to make people's lives inconvenient but to protect individuals from getting hurt or killed. Many of these laws have to do with pedestrians crossing the street, with or without crosswalks and signals.

Making sure drivers see you on your bike at night

You have a right to use the road when you ride your bike, no matter what time of day it is. That does not mean you don't face extra risks at specific times, however. If you choose to ride after dark -- something many cyclists attempt to avoid -- you need to know that it's often harder for drivers to see you.

How dangerous is riding your bike around campus?

It's not uncommon for University of Georgia students to use bicycles to get from their Athens residences to school or work. This doesn't mean that getting around town doesn't come with some hurdles though. It can be quite dangerous, no matter whether it's during the day or evening.

Bicycle crash in Savannah injures rider

Riding a bike is getting more popular in Georgia as a way of getting around, especially in cities like Atlanta and Athens. Unfortunately, that means that injuries due to bicycle accidents are on the rise as well. Riders need to be vigilant to protect themselves, and drivers need to get used to seeing more two-wheeled vehicles in their midst.

Pedestrian injured in crash involving stolen car in Atlanta

Car accidents are a regrettable fact of life in Georgia, with several cars and trucks colliding every day somewhere in the state. Many of these collisions are minor, with only small amounts of damage that can be easily repaired. But even minor collisions can be deadly when people are not protected by the frames of cars and trucks.

Scooter death spurs Atlanta protest for more bicycle lanes

No one wants a low-speed collision in their car, but no one really dreads it either. A fender bender is unlikely to cause more than a quick jolt and a few scratches on a vehicle's paint job. But the same accident affecting a bicyclist or a pedestrian can mean serious injuries or even death.

How to safely commute to class on your bicycle

As a University of Georgia student, it won't be long before you realize the benefits of commuting to and from class on a bicycle. Not only does it save you time, but it also reduces yor carbon footprint when you drive less and bike more.

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