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When will marijuana benefit from federal legalization?

If Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer has his way, the federal government could be on track to legalize marijuana. Schumer introduced a proposed piece of legislation to the Senate last month. The bill is called the Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act, and if it becomes law, it would take marijuana off the federal government's list of controlled substances.

Kindergarten teacher faces marijuana distribution charges

A kindergarten teacher has been arrested and accused of drug distribution charges. The woman was arrested at her home in Locust Grove during a drug bust carried out by the Flint Circuit Drug Task Force at the end of April. Police booked her at the Henry County Sheriff's Jail on charges of intent to distribute drugs and drug possession.

Dekalb County magistrate employee accused of distributing drugs

Most government employees in Dekalb County are struggling to make financial ends meet -- just like everyone else. In some cases, these employees are forced to do things on the side to earn some extra cash. They might even break the law by selling drugs. However, just because some individuals are selling drugs in Dekalb doesn't mean that person accused of illegal activity is guilty.

Penalties for alcohol and drugs at the University of Georgia

University of Georgia students need to be careful not to get in trouble for alcohol and drug-related violations. Indeed, one false move in this regard could destroy a student's academic career, and deprive him or her of scholarships and financial aid. Let's take a deeper look into the University of Georgia's policies with regard to first-time drug and alcohol offenses.

2 Georgia football players arrested and charged with drug crimes

Two University of Georgia football players, were arrested by the Barrow County Sheriff's Department last Saturday evening. Officers arrested one of the players on suspicion that he was speeding and driving under the influence of narcotics. Officers further claimed that they found marijuana on the passenger seat and passenger side of the vehicle, where the other player was seated -- which is why they arrested him.

Were you accused of cocaine-related crimes?

The trafficking, possession and sale of cocaine is a crime in Georgia and the rest of the United States. Cocaine is perceived as one of the most illicit and dangerous drugs on the market, and punishment associated with cocaine-related crimes are more severe than other drugs. In the state of Georgia, the laws that govern cocaine possession, production and distribution are particularly strict.

How does Georgia law determine drug categories?

The categorization of drugs might seem arbitrary and subject to different opinions. This point is illuminated by the fact that marijuana is a Schedule I drug on par with heroin in our state -- whereas it's legal for recreational and medical use in other states. There is clearly a difference of opinion here.

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