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How does a drug conviction affect your financial aid award?

When you signed on the dotted line to take out federal student loans to attend college here in Athens, you may not have read all the fine print contained in the disclosures that you were required to review to secure funding for your education.

When can the police search your car for drugs?

Generally speaking, the police can't just stop your vehicle while you're driving down the road and subject you to a warrantless search. First, they have to have a valid reason -- or probable cause -- to stop your car in the first place. Once you're stopped, they still can't search your car for drugs -- unless they have your permission -- without good cause.

Pair arrested after undercover operation in Tift County

It's hard enough to keep yourself going in Georgia without being harassed by the law. Although police and prosecutors have a very important job keeping the Peach State safe, any excess by law enforcement officers can do more than ruin someone's day. It can lead to improper arrest and unwarranted jail time.

Georgia man facing drug charges did not get speedy trial

  1. People who watched the news in the 1980s may remember the beginning of the "war on drugs." Although the catchphrase has more or less vanished, the war never ended. Thousands of people are already in jail for relatively minor drug offenses and many more face the same in current investigations.

One new push by attorneys general and district attorneys has been charges for so-called "drug-assisted homicide." This sort of charge may result if drugs that were sold or supplied by a suspect resulted in a fatal overdose. This is far more likely if drugs were contaminated with a different substance or sold under false pretenses.

Two big Georgia counties stop prosecuting small marijuana crimes

Drugs have a terrible effect on people's health and happiness if they are illicit or used without medical guidance. Convictions for drug possession can be just as damaging to a person's life and career. Felony convictions are particularly problematic when people need to pass background checks for jobs and civil services.

Drug suspect faces more charges after fleeing police

There are a lot of reasons that someone could face drug charges in Georgia that are more severe than any crime that was committed. In fact, one of the reasons charges may be too steep is if prosecutors believe a person was knowingly in possession of drugs or drug-related paraphernalia when he or she was not.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges for Georgia man

Much like public drunkenness or underage possession of alcohol, drug charges largely come from someone being caught doing something. Many of the legal details when a prosecutor has the evidence to file charges come from how a person was caught while committing a suspected crime.

Musician charged with drug possession after Georgia traffic stop

Drug charges are no laughing matter in Georgia. Possession of illegal or controlled substances may result in prison time or heavy fines after prosecution or a plea deal. In many cases, drug possession may be one of several charges connected to a single arrest. Those facing charges may be able to get some or all charges dropped or reduced with legal representation.

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