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Carroll County accident raises questions about fire engine

Although Georgia has several ports and train lines, most of the trade in the state moves by road. Tractor-trailers are not the only heavy vehicles near all of us. Emergency services and disaster relief often move in large trucks and often hit the road in circumstances that are less than ideal.

Gwinnett County accident shows risk of box trucks

You are always taking on some risk when you hit the road, either on foot or in a vehicle. But Georgia and other states require insurance for vehicle owners because of the specific risks involved with driving. One of the greatest potential hazards faced by passenger vehicles are trucks and other heavy equipment.

Lawsuit filed over fiery crash that killed 4 in Henry County

Truckers get a decent amount of respect in Georgia. People in the Peach State know that prices would be higher and variety would be far lower in supermarkets and shopping malls if trucks did not bring goods and food to them. But drivers are also at risk from the force of possible collisions.

Trucks-only highway proposed to relieve congestion

Trucks are the backbone of Georgia's economy as well as the main supplier of the goods that people in the state consume. They are the only options to bring the required food and products to the many communities away from the Atlantic Ocean or train lines.

Study shows drivers are the most common cause of truck accidents

From the coast near Savannah to the border with the Florida Panhandle, Georgia is full of trucks of all sizes and types. Tractor-trailers, tankers and other heavy vehicles may not be more likely than cars and pickup trucks to be involved in accidents, but they may be more likely to cause severe injury and death when they are.

Georgia dump truck accident sends 2 to hospital

The roads in Georgia are often crowded with trucks, partially because most things in Georgia are built with things that arrive on trucks. Tractor-trailers bring lumber and manufactured goods while tankers bring gasoline and fuel oil and dump trucks bring raw materials like stone and gravel.

Father of 2 killed in Decatur truck crash

Car accidents are always an unexpected burden, even if no injuries come as their result. But nothing is more tragic and difficult than a crash involving a fatality. Families often find themselves facing the grief of an unanticipated loss while also grappling with the realities of less income or resources.

Husband and wife die in Georgia truck crash

From the Atlantic coast of Savannah to the plains west of Atlanta, transport by truck remains the best way to get produce and manufactured goods to communities in Georgia. Semitrucks and other heavy vehicles can also cause more than their share of problems on the road, as the sheer weight and speed of moving trucks can cause serious damage, injury or even death when drivers lose control or are distracted from the road.

Chain reaction truck crash injures 5 on Georgia road

Trucks keep America going, and nearly all Americans use something that came on a truck every day. Most motorists know that trucks are part of life on the road and take the proper precautions when driving near them. However, even highly aware drivers cannot always prevent a collision.

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