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When is the trucking company liable for a semitruck crash?

Due to the legal concepts of "vicarious liability" and "respondeat superior," if a truck driver or something related to the truck he or she was driving caused a semitruck crash, the trucking company that employed the driver will be liable to pay for any resulting damages to other parties. Vicarious liability and respondeat superior are legal terms that relate to the fact that employers are legally responsible for the damages caused by their employees while their employees are carrying out their job duties.

Unique laws that apply to trucking accidents

A car accident that involves a semitruck is different from an accident between two normal vehicles. That's because semitruck drivers and the companies that employ them must adhere to specific legal standards that could come into play in a semitruck accident lawsuit. These laws and regulations may serve to increase the likelihood that the truck driver or transportation company will liable for financial damages.

Passenger vehicle drivers: Be careful around big rigs

No matter what road you're driving on, eventually you'll encounter a big rig. Maybe you call them semitrucks or 18-wheelers. Whatever you call them, they're dangerous. In fact, the majority of people who die in semitruck crashes are not the occupants of the big rigs, but the occupants of the passenger vehicles involved in the crashes.

What are the dangers of distracted trucking?

Truck drivers commonly get bored when they're on the long haul, and what does that mean? It means they turn to their smartphones and other distractions in the cabin and get distracted. It doesn't take a legal degree to know that you can't keep your eyes on the road when you're checking your Facebook status. In fact, a distracted truck driver is literally a deadly accident waiting to happen. But just how risky is this behavior?

How can vehicle drivers prevent semitruck crashes?

There is nothing more dangerous than getting into a crash with a semitruck. Vehicle drivers often suffer catastrophic injuries and death as a result of colliding with these gigantic, slow-moving and heavy vehicles. As such, it's important for drivers to do everything they can to stay safe when sharing the road with an 18-wheeler.

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