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What is the Accountability Court System?

The Accountability Court System can be widely found in many counties across the state of Georgia including here in Athens. It's a type of collaborative court system that has mechanisms in place that allow judges and others to identify and address what motivates individuals to engage in criminal activity and to address it. This type of court system allows individuals the opportunity to learn and grow from their mistakes in a rehabilitative fashion instead of by simply being punished.

A drunk driving charge may stop you from playing college sports

Last summer, one of the University of Georgia's (UGA) freshman defensive linemen was suspended from his role on the team after he was arrested for driving under the influence early one Sunday morning. He was later redshirted or forced to sit out for the remainder of his inaugural season on the team. What happened to this UGA player could easily happen to any other student slated to attend school here in Athens.

What types of behaviors do drugged motorists exhibit?

When you hear news stories about someone being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), it often has to do with them getting behind the wheel after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. It's only in recent years that news stories have begun circulating about individuals driving while under the influence of drugs. While you may feel confident that you could easily identify a drunk driver, do you think that you'd be as successful in picking out a drugged one?

What is Georgia's Implied Consent Law and how does it impact you?

Drunk drivers, listen up! The Georgia Implied Consent Law applies to anyone who maintains a driver's license here in the Peach State. This piece of legislation makes it mandatory for any motorist who is stopped on suspicion of drunk or drugged driving to submit to chemical testing to determine whether they're indeed intoxicated. There are penalties if a Georgia driver refuses to submit to such state-administered testing.

New legal requirements affect Georgia drunk driving cases

No one in Georgia thinks it is a good idea to drink and drive. Any more than a minute amount of beer, wine or liquor can cause a lack of ability to drive safely, and thousands of people are killed in the United States every year by drunk driving incidents on the road. But changes in the laws that allow police and sheriffs to investigate drunk driving cases in Georgia mean that suspects should be aware of them.

Woman faces drunk driving charges after head-on crash

There are a few ways that a night of drinking could change your life, and few of them are good. An argument with a loved one could start a rift, or a drunken scuffle can lead to serious injuries. One of the worst messes that happens when a person is intoxicated is that the person may not even remember them.

Police officer leaves job after DUI arrest

One of America's most treasured rights is the assumption of innocence until guilt is proven. This matters beyond retaining freedom and privileges that are also guaranteed by law. Convictions for crimes can follow people for the rest of their lives, making professional opportunities harder to find and goals harder to attain.

DUI trial begins with defense challenges

It's not always easy to drive in Georgia. Speed can be a factor, as it often seems everyone wants to be a stock car racer on the interstate highways. Distracted driving -- like paying attention to a cellphone while behind the wheel -- is also dangerous. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is another issue that can cause problems from other drivers as well as the driver under the influence.

Habitual violators in Georgia face higher penalties

Driving under the influence of alcohol is never a good idea. Law enforcement agencies often remind us that drinking with any sort of impairment is some form of DUI. Drivers in Georgia may find themselves facing charges if they consent to a blood alcohol content (BAC) test and the result is .08 or higher.

Georgia's new law on Breathalyzers matches constitutional limits

It's more likely that someone will drive to a bar or liquor store than most other ways to get there. This can be a problem if people try to drive back. Georgia's prosecutors and police have generally been hard-nosed about the enforcement of laws against driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The law, however, is changing.

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