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Several Georgia bars and restaurant fail underage serving test

From toasts at weddings to beers at a football game, alcohol is a part of many cherished American traditions. Although some type of booze mixes with every soda pop, alcohol never mixes with driving a car, working with machinery or being below the proper age.

Can children ever drink legally in Georgia?

Everyone, especially minors, knows that the legal age for consuming alcohol is 21 years in the United States. However, most people have at least tried alcohol before they reach that age. In Georgia and 44 other states, there are some legal options for minors to have alcohol.

Underage drinking and your teen: What can you do to stop it?

There's never a good time for a minor to get caught with alcohol. Possessing alcohol, even if the minor hasn't had any to drink, is a violation of the law. This is a particularly good time to discuss MIP, or Minor in Possession, charges.

Young people, alcohol and drinking and driving

Alcohol in its many forms is the most popular adult beverage at parties, bars and other locations. Because we have built our society around cars, and using them to get around town, it's only natural that drunk driving would be one of the most common crimes for anyone to be accused of. Teens and those under the legal drinking age are especially vulnerable to drunk driving charges because drunk driving laws are strict when it comes to young people.

Teach your kids not to drink and drive this prom season

The Newton County Drug Free Coalition will be passing out educational materials to families concerning the detrimental impact of substance use and abuse on teenagers this spring. According to the coalition, drug and alcohol use among teenagers can result in increased levels of risky behavior, like unprotected sex, drug use, drug overdoses, suicide and violence. There is also the risk of intoxicated teens driving their vehicles unlawfully while inebriated.

Minor in possession offenses: How to defend against them

Whether we like it or not, it's common for children to get their hands on alcoholic beverages and drink them. Whether the child is 10 years old or 17 years old, when a minor is in possession of alcohol, it's a crime -- and state governments like Georgia do everything they can to prevent it from happening.

Alcohol-related injuries caused by college students are common

If you went to college, you know what it's like to be young with a lot of newfound freedom to do whatever you want. You may have seen a lot of your fellow students use their freedom to go overboard with drinking.

What's the Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act?

The Teenage & Adult Driver Responsibility Act (TADRA) is also referred to as Joshua's Law. It is a program for young drivers that involves a graduated driver's license. The goal of TADRA is to reduce instances of fatal car crashes that involve inexperienced, younger drivers.

Conversations that parents and teen drivers must have

If you have a teenager who recently obtained their license and is now driving to and from school, you are probably a ball of mixed emotions. You are proud of him or her as they are reaching a point of their lives where they are starting to find themselves. As a new school year begins, you probably are mystified with how quickly time has passed and how they are now driving, as it seems like just yesterday they were in diapers.

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