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The legal limit in Georgia

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | Drunk Driving

A drunk driving case could have significant repercussions that affect someone facing charges (and their family members) for many years. Drivers should have a clear understanding of relevant laws and the potential penalties they could face if charged with driving under the influence.

For starters, drivers should review the legal limit in this state.

Georgia’s legal limit

In Georgia, it is against the law for drivers to operate a vehicle with a BAC level of .08% or higher. The CDC also points out that this state has sobriety checkpoints, which allow authorities to stop vehicles and check for drivers who are over the legal limit.

Sometimes, people face drunk driving charges due to faulty breathalyzers, and other factors can cause one to fail a sobriety test even though they did not drink any alcohol.

The legal limit for underage drivers

The CDC also points out that zero-tolerance laws can cause drivers who have not reached the legal drinking age to face drunk driving charges with very small amounts of alcohol in their system. Under Georgia’s zero-tolerance policy, a driver under 21 could face DUI charges even if their BAC level is well below .08.

When drunk driving charges surface, it is crucial for those facing allegations to have a clear understanding of the options in front of them. Whether an older driver worries about their career or a teen driver has concerns about how this case could affect their studies, drunk driving cases require careful consideration with so much at stake.