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Geriatric malnutrition is a common issue in nursing homes

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2024 | Personal Injury

Insufficient staffing and overworking the existing workforce in nursing homes are serious issues. These issues can lower the quality of care for residents and may even lead to neglect or abuse. But these problems don’t excuse substandard care.

Even minor lapses in care can cause big problems for residents, such as nutritional deficiencies.

A common problem in care facilities

In 2023, 8% of the citations given to nursing homes were for not meeting nutritional and dietary needs. This suggests that not providing proper nutrition could be a huge issue in these facilities. If staff don’t give residents enough to eat, this can lead to malnourishment.

Being malnourished can cause a lot of health-related issues, such as:

  • Weaker immune system: Not getting enough to eat can weaken the immune system, making it easier for residents to get sick.
  • Higher risk of falls: If residents don’t eat enough, they can become weak and dizzy, making them fall and get hurt.
  • Longer recovery times: Not getting enough to eat can slow down healing, so it takes longer for residents to recover from sickness, surgery or injuries.
  • Mental health problems: Not eating enough can lead to depression, anxiety, and a decline in mental function.

Ignoring nutrition can lead to these issues and even more severe symptoms. Over time, residents can develop life-threatening conditions such as organ failure due to chronic malnutrition.

Working toward the well-being of residents

Nursing homes must prioritize residents’ nutritional needs. This involves providing balanced meals and making sure residents have the help they need to eat. Regular check-ups to monitor each resident’s health and nutrition can also help prevent malnourishment.

If nursing homes fail to implement these standard practices, residents’ families can take legal action based on how much harm nursing homes cause their loved ones.

In these situations, seeking a legal professional can be beneficial. Legal professionals can help families report neglect in nursing homes to the state.