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New laws affect searches of drunk driving suspects in Georgia

Defendants in criminal proceedings are presumed innocent until found guilty through legal means. This principle is the underpinning ethic of United States law as well as state legislation in Atlanta. A new interpretation of this principle is bringing changes to Georgia's laws on driving under the influence of alcohol.

The previous version of the DUI law included the idea of implied consent, which held that driving in Georgia meant a person consented to a search that would uncover or prevent drunk driving. This meant that law enforcement officers could hold a driver's refusal to take a breath test for blood alcohol level, often called a Breathalyzer, against them in court. However, the Supreme Court in Atlanta ruled last month that this is unconstitutional because people have the right to not incriminate themselves.

Drugs discovered in private Macon home after search

There are changes coming in the way many U.S. law enforcement agencies approach drugs. This has come on the heels of many states and cities reducing penalties for minor drug offenses. Another connection that occurs in Georgia and elsewhere is drug charges can aggravate other cases against people.

Two men were recently arrested in Macon after a joint investigation by Bibb County law enforcement officers and federal agents. A statement from the investigating unit claimed that both men lived in the house that was searched under a warrant. Officers and agents turned up quantities of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine as well as firearms, bullets and money. Both men face drug possession charges while one was also charged with possession of a firearm and violations related to prior conviction.

Underage alcohol sales sting finds 8 businesses in violation

Much like other states, Georgia restricts underage drinking by setting a minimum age for the purchase or consumption of alcohol. There are very limited situations in which a person below the age of 21 may legally drink, such as under the supervision of parents or guardians, but minors are enjoined from drinking under most circumstances in Georgia.

The problem of alcohol availability, however, is not the responsibility of minors in Georgia. Distributors of alcohol, like liquor store employees and bartenders, have a legal responsibility to check the age of any potential customer to ensure they have reached the legal age.

Georgia dump truck accident sends 2 to hospital

The roads in Georgia are often crowded with trucks, partially because most things in Georgia are built with things that arrive on trucks. Tractor-trailers bring lumber and manufactured goods while tankers bring gasoline and fuel oil and dump trucks bring raw materials like stone and gravel.

Drivers' licenses for truck drivers often require more training and certifications for their professions because there are more specifics to learn in order to operate them. But the main issue is safety because large vehicles are often less maneuverable than passenger vehicles. The higher volume can also make collisions more damaging.

Safety tips for driving in heavy wind and rain

Because you value safety on the road, you undoubtedly want to drive as safely as possible at all times. Of course, you may not have the ability to predict what type of trip you will have because many factors that can affect road travel can come up suddenly. For instance, you may suddenly find yourself driving in an unexpected rainstorm or in heavy winds.

Understanding how to drive safely in inclement weather can help lessen the likelihood of serious car accidents. Though the best way to avoid accidents caused by weather conditions is to stay off the road during bad weather, that is not always a feasible option. If you do need to get out for any reason, remembering certain safety tips may prove useful.

College student killed in bicycle crash near Macon

Driving in Georgia comes with its share of risks, but bicycles and motorcycles leave their riders far more exposed to dangers. Even the slightest and slowest collision can be seriously injurious or fatal to cyclists.

A 21-year-old college student was run over by a bus in Milledgeville when he was riding his bike near the vehicle. The incident occurred mid-morning when the cyclist attempted to cross the street while the bus driver was turning right.

Woman charged with DUI after Atlanta collision with police car

No one gets into a car thinking of anything else other than getting where they are going, and no one starts a car journey thinking it may end in disaster. When people drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, though, they are asking for that sort of trouble.

Driving under the influence (DUI) is illegal in Georgia with very few exceptions, such as a medical emergency requiring transport or a driver unaware of his or her intoxication. Although the offense is generally rare, it is often detected because a drunk driver got in trouble by striking another vehicle or person.

Proposed Georgia law would let some felons keep voting rights

There are many ways in which a conviction for drug possession can turn a person's life upside down. Fighting criminal charges takes an emotional and financial toll, and many accused persons may find their friends and co-workers keeping them at a distance. In Georgia, as in 21 other states, the right to vote is restricted by a drug conviction.

Georgians are kept off valid voter rolls while completing any sentence related to felony charges. This includes the results of plea bargains as well as jury or bench convictions and covers convicts in jail, on probation or released on parole.

Georgia county looks to control underage drinking

Drinking alcohol often begins as a social activity, shared with family and friends. Many responsible parents try to introduce their children to alcohol in a safe environment so they can accustom themselves to its effects on the mind and body. This is why Georgia law allows minors to drink under their parents' supervision and in their parents' homes.

But social events can become pressure to drink, especially when minors mix with people who can drink legally on their own. One jurisdiction in the Peach State is considering a new approach to supervised underage drinking to rein in its effect when minors are not controlled or kept safe.

DUI violations in Georgia could come with steep penalties

As most people know, driving while under the influence of alcohol is against the law. However, even these laws can vary from state to state, and individuals in Georgia can benefit from understanding the laws associated with this type of situation, especially if police officers stop them.

If an officer does stop your vehicle, you may immediately feel nervous. If the officer suspects that you are intoxicated or mistakes your nervousness for impairment, you could easily wind up facing serious criminal charges for DUI.

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