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Bicyclist injured in Savannah truck accident

Bicycles are a special way of getting around Georgia's towns and cities. They've been around longer than cars, they require a lot less effort to move and they don't need fuel or parking. The biggest drawback for bikers is the lack of protection that bicycles offer, especially considering the risks on the road.

Cyclists face challenges to safety every day, mostly because they are more difficult to see than other drivers. Most accidents involving bicyclists who were not at fault begin with a driver not seeing the bike before he or she strikes it with his or her car.

DUI arrests in Georgia spike during the holiday week

The winter season is not the best time to be outside. Even in Georgia, often a balmy state with plenty to do outdoors, people often spend more time alone. Drinking and alcoholism can also rise in the winter months, and the holiday season can be a warning against drinking and driving.

Troopers with the Georgia State Patrol stepped up their traffic control efforts in December 2018, stopping hundreds of drivers to check for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Posts in Milledgeville and Madison yielded 29 arrests on suspicion of DUI just in the final week of the month.

Several Georgia bars and restaurant fail underage serving test

From toasts at weddings to beers at a football game, alcohol is a part of many cherished American traditions. Although some type of booze mixes with every soda pop, alcohol never mixes with driving a car, working with machinery or being below the proper age.

Georgia maintains a few legal ways for a minor to drink but nearly all involve the permission and involvement of a parent or legal guardian. As children approach the age of 21, especially if they are living at college or away from their parents, it often becomes more tempting through peer pressure and other motivations to drink before their time.

What is a grand jury and what does it rule on?

Most people think of juries, if they think of them at all, as the last essential part of the promise of justice in America. A person's right to let fellow citizens rule on a legal dispute is a cornerstone of trust in the courts. But a certain type of jury is important in deciding whether charges may be filed in the first place.

What is the purpose of a grand jury?

Facing charges for driving while impaired by drugs

Alcohol-related accidents are no rare event, and thousands of people in Georgia are involved in DUI accidents each year, many with fatal consequences. Law enforcement and safety advocates have pressed for stricter laws and heavier penalties to deter drivers from getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. However, there is a more sinister danger than alcohol on the roads these days.

Drugged driving is quickly becoming as common and dangerous as drunk driving. Surveys show that about 10 million drivers in the U.S. admit to operating a vehicle under the influence of illegal substances. As more and more Americans take opioid prescriptions for pain management, it is certain that number is higher. If you are facing charges for driving under the influence of drugs, you have a right to be concerned about your future.

Husband and wife die in Georgia truck crash

From the Atlantic coast of Savannah to the plains west of Atlanta, transport by truck remains the best way to get produce and manufactured goods to communities in Georgia. Semitrucks and other heavy vehicles can also cause more than their share of problems on the road, as the sheer weight and speed of moving trucks can cause serious damage, injury or even death when drivers lose control or are distracted from the road.

A husband and wife were recently killed when their pickup truck collided with a tractor-trailer on the Fall Line Freeway in Baldwin County. The Georgia State Police stated that the semi was traveling south on Vinson Highway and failed to stop at a stop sign before blocking the freeway. The victims' truck then struck driver's side of the semi, which then rolled onto the pickup, trapping the couple.

Child struck while crossing the street in southern Georgia

Drivers and passengers are not the only people on the road who may be at risk due to careless or reckless driving. Pedestrians and bicyclists are everywhere, especially in built-up areas like suburbs, towns and cities. And they have far fewer protections in the case of a collision.

A local police department in southern Georgia's Crisp County is investigating an accident in which the driver of a sedan struck an 11-year-old child while he was crossing the road. The incident happened during the evening after dark on a state route in a commercial district.

The potential dangers and common causes of truck driver fatigue

As you travel to and from your preferred destinations each day, you may encounter a multitude of commercial vehicles while out on Georgia roads. Considering the sheer size and weight of tractor-trailers, sharing the road with a semi can be somewhat intimidating, and it might not always be possible to keep your distance.

Since accidents involving commercial vehicles can have disastrous results, you may have concerns about the threat these vehicles could pose to your well-being. While there are a multitude of scenarios in which a commercial vehicle accident can occur, one of the most common pertains to driver fatigue.

Holiday weekends see increased drunk driving charges

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is more serious than a lot of other bad ideas. The high speeds and careless driving often attributed to drunk people behind the wheel can cause severe damage, serious injury or even death.

Georgia and many other states see an increase in drunk or high driving around the holidays when people have more free time and more miles to cover. Authorities across the Peach State arrested more than 300 people on drunk driving charges over the extended Thanksgiving weekend. Crashes in general investigated by the Georgia State Police over that time, numbering over 600, resulted in 242 injuries and 10 deaths on the road.

Drug charges in Georgia vary by type and amount of drug

Drugs are known to knock people off track and ruin lives, often through the stigma of a criminal conviction for possession or use of a controlled substance. But what if you were in trouble for someone else's crime? What if you didn't know a drug was illegal? It is important to fight for your rights.

A conviction on drug charges in the Peach State can carry a heavy set of consequences. Any drug conviction results in a mandatory suspension of their driver's license for six months. A second conviction could end driving privileges for two years.

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