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Georgia man facing drug charges did not get speedy trial

  1. People who watched the news in the 1980s may remember the beginning of the "war on drugs." Although the catchphrase has more or less vanished, the war never ended. Thousands of people are already in jail for relatively minor drug offenses and many more face the same in current investigations.

One new push by attorneys general and district attorneys has been charges for so-called "drug-assisted homicide." This sort of charge may result if drugs that were sold or supplied by a suspect resulted in a fatal overdose. This is far more likely if drugs were contaminated with a different substance or sold under false pretenses.

A man from Georgia is charged with distributing an opiate resulting in death as well as other federal charges related to an alleged drug conspiracy. Regardless of evidentiary challenges to these charges, the defendant's attorney has claimed the case is violating a federal right to have a quick hearing after charges are filed.

Carroll County accident raises questions about fire engine

Although Georgia has several ports and train lines, most of the trade in the state moves by road. Tractor-trailers are not the only heavy vehicles near all of us. Emergency services and disaster relief often move in large trucks and often hit the road in circumstances that are less than ideal.

Driving large trucks and transports takes a lot of training and practice. Georgia and other states have high standards for licensing specific types of drivers, as with commercial driver's licenses and emergency vehicle operation certificates.

Is your UGA student facing an underage DUI charge?

In some cases, different laws apply depending on a person's age. Teenagers cannot legally drive until they pass their driver's test at the age of 16, and they cannot buy lottery tickets or other items until they reach 18. Of course, they cannot legally purchase or consume alcohol until the age of 21.

Though you know you raised your child to be a responsible young adult, you may still worry about some of the activities that he or she will participate in while attending the University of Georgia. You certainly want your child to get the most out of the experience, but you likely also hope that he or she will enjoy football season and cheer for the Dawgs without consuming alcohol.

Pedestrian injured in crash involving stolen car in Atlanta

Car accidents are a regrettable fact of life in Georgia, with several cars and trucks colliding every day somewhere in the state. Many of these collisions are minor, with only small amounts of damage that can be easily repaired. But even minor collisions can be deadly when people are not protected by the frames of cars and trucks.

People traveling on foot and by bicycle are at special risk on the roads and streets of the Peach State. Much like motorcycle riders, pedestrians and bicyclists have no protection against the speed and force of moving cars and trucks, so even a seemingly small incident can cause severe injury or even death.

Georgia sheriff's deputy may have enabled underage drinking

When it comes to underage drinking in Georgia, there are hard lines around who can drink, and there are few exceptions to those rules. Children may be allowed to drink small amounts of alcohol in their own homes under parental supervision, but even this case is very rare and tightly regulated.

Punishments for underage possession and consumption of alcohol can be severe. Fines, community service or probation are possible parts of a sentence, but even a first violation in Georgia can result in up to a year in jail.

Police officer leaves job after DUI arrest

One of America's most treasured rights is the assumption of innocence until guilt is proven. This matters beyond retaining freedom and privileges that are also guaranteed by law. Convictions for crimes can follow people for the rest of their lives, making professional opportunities harder to find and goals harder to attain.

A former assistance police chief has already given up his job after a traffic stop resulted in an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. The man has served in Clarkston outside Atlanta for years before he chose to resign a day before an internal affairs investigation into his behavior would have begun.

Two big Georgia counties stop prosecuting small marijuana crimes

Drugs have a terrible effect on people's health and happiness if they are illicit or used without medical guidance. Convictions for drug possession can be just as damaging to a person's life and career. Felony convictions are particularly problematic when people need to pass background checks for jobs and civil services.

Some observers claim the effect of marijuana laws has been too harsh on minor offenders who have less or no intent to sell or conceal large amounts of the drug. A nationwide effort to soften the enforcement of these laws or repeal them altogether has reached the Peach State.

Gwinnett County accident shows risk of box trucks

You are always taking on some risk when you hit the road, either on foot or in a vehicle. But Georgia and other states require insurance for vehicle owners because of the specific risks involved with driving. One of the greatest potential hazards faced by passenger vehicles are trucks and other heavy equipment.

Accidents have been happening since cars and trucks first appeared more than 100 years ago. But the technology to build heavier and faster vehicles put new dangers in the midst of drivers and pedestrians. Higher centers of gravity also matter in the case of a collision.

Changes in laws make DUIs more serious

You may be one of many Georgia residents who don't pay much attention to drunk driving laws because you believe they do not apply to you. You may have a couple beers or some wine during an evening out, but you don't drive drunk. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily mean you are immune to a DUI arrest.

Even if you are not certain of the exact laws and penalties for a DUI conviction in this state, you are probably aware that in recent years, those laws have become much stricter and the penalties harsher. This is a trend that is likely to continue as lawmakers see these changes making a difference in the rate of accidents and fatalities involving drunk drivers.

Scooter death spurs Atlanta protest for more bicycle lanes

No one wants a low-speed collision in their car, but no one really dreads it either. A fender bender is unlikely to cause more than a quick jolt and a few scratches on a vehicle's paint job. But the same accident affecting a bicyclist or a pedestrian can mean serious injuries or even death.

Some alternative transport activists in Georgia are signaling they have had enough of the dangers after the death of a 37-year-old man on an electric scooter. The fatality was the third in Atlanta since the introduction of electric scooters, often called e-scooters, as a new way to close commutes without the involvement of cars.

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