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Scooter death spurs Atlanta protest for more bicycle lanes

No one wants a low-speed collision in their car, but no one really dreads it either. A fender bender is unlikely to cause more than a quick jolt and a few scratches on a vehicle's paint job. But the same accident affecting a bicyclist or a pedestrian can mean serious injuries or even death.

Some alternative transport activists in Georgia are signaling they have had enough of the dangers after the death of a 37-year-old man on an electric scooter. The fatality was the third in Atlanta since the introduction of electric scooters, often called e-scooters, as a new way to close commutes without the involvement of cars.

When is underage possession of alcohol not a crime?

Beer, wine and liquor are a big part of life in Georgia, from weekend barbecues to relaxing in local bars. As in most of the country, the Peach State restricts alcohol possession to adults age 21 or older. Younger people can find themselves in legal trouble if they are discovered in possession of any alcoholic beverage.

They may face additional criminal charges if they are caught using a false identification or someone else's identification to show an age above 21. This is a criminal offense in Georgia, and bartenders or retailers are allowed to seize identification cards that appear fake and present them to law enforcement as evidence.

DUI trial begins with defense challenges

It's not always easy to drive in Georgia. Speed can be a factor, as it often seems everyone wants to be a stock car racer on the interstate highways. Distracted driving -- like paying attention to a cellphone while behind the wheel -- is also dangerous. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is another issue that can cause problems from other drivers as well as the driver under the influence.

An off-duty police chief is on trial for driving under the influence in an incident last year. The charges stem from a traffic stop in which a former Georgia State Police trooper, who left the force since the event, passed the driver with his high beam headlights on.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges for 4

Drug charges do not often happen with a police officer spotting a person with a joint or a pipe. Many charges of drug possession come from a discovery during another type of law enforcement intervention. It is common in Georgia for traffic stops to evolve into drug charges.

People charged with drug possession do not often exonerate themselves by trying to ditch drugs or related paraphernalia. Deputies in Cherokee County attempted a stop over a driver's failure to stay in his lane, only to notice the driver failed to stop.

What exactly is the Super Speeder Law?

Speeding -- most drivers in the state of Georgia do it at some point. Many get away with it. Those caught by the police can face significant penalties, particularly if they were operating their vehicles at speeds well over the posted limits. The Super Speeder Law is in place to get people to slow down and to punish those who feel it is okay to drive at reckless speeds.

When might someone get a super speeder ticket? What are the penalties associated with such a citation? Is there any way to fight a super speeder citation?

Tips to avoid an accident with a commercial truck

It's natural to become nervous when driving in close proximity to a commercial truck. Even if you're doing your best to remain safe, truckers don't always take the same level of care.

While there's no surefire way to avoid an accident with a commercial truck, there are some tips you can follow to maintain your safety:

  • Avoid blind spots: The longer you drive in a trucker's blind spot the greater chance there is of an accident. This includes the area directly next to and directly behind a commercial truck.
  • Only pass in the left lane: Passing a commercial truck in the right lane is dangerous, as the trucker may not see you coming. This can cause them to change lanes into you.
  • Take caution at merge points: Merging onto the highway is difficult enough without commercial trucks in close proximity. If you find yourself merging while these vehicles bear down on you, take extra care. For example, you don't want to pull out in front of a commercial truck and then slow down, as these vehicles need a lot of time to stop.
  • Use your turn signals: This gives everyone on the road a clear idea of what you're doing next. For instance, if you're changing lanes in front of a commercial truck, signal in advance of doing so.

How to safely commute to class on your bicycle

As a University of Georgia student, it won't be long before you realize the benefits of commuting to and from class on a bicycle. Not only does it save you time, but it also reduces yor carbon footprint when you drive less and bike more.

Commuting on your bicycle has many benefits, but it's also dangerous. Here are some steps you can take to maintain your safety:

  • Follow the rules of the road. Just as with drivers of motor vehicles, you must follow the rules of the road. This includes stop signs, yield signs and traffic lights, among others.
  • Beware of parked vehicles. Moving vehicles are dangerous, but the same can be said for those that are parked. For example, if someone opens a car door into your path of travel, you won't have much time to get out of the way.
  • Wear the appropriate safety gear. Forget about how you'll look and instead focus on your safety. The right gear can make the difference between walking away from an accident unscathed and suffering a serious injury.
  • Watch for pedestrians. You'll be riding in close proximity to other students, so take steps to avoid close encounters. For example, always cross behind pedestrians, as this reduces the likelihood of spooking them.

Here are the most common causes of pedestrian-car accidents

As a pedestrian, you don't have to look far to see a motor vehicle. For example, if you're walking or jogging on the sidewalk, moving vehicles will be within a few feet of you.

Understanding the most common causes of pedestrian-car accidents can help keep you safe. Here are some of the mistakes drivers make that can cause a serious crash:

  • Distracted driving: This takes on many forms, such as texting, smoking, people watching and daydreaming. When a driver is distracted, they're less likely to see you, such as when crossing the street.
  • Reckless driving: From speeding to failure to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks, there are many forms of reckless driving. Keep an eye out for drivers who are not following the rules of the road.
  • Disregard for weather conditions: For example, if rain is falling, drivers should slow down to maintain control of their vehicle. This also gives them more time to respond in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately, many drivers neglect to adjust their speed in harsh conditions.
  • Driving under the influence: Alcohol, illegal drugs and prescription medication all have the potential to impact a person's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Habitual violators in Georgia face higher penalties

Driving under the influence of alcohol is never a good idea. Law enforcement agencies often remind us that drinking with any sort of impairment is some form of DUI. Drivers in Georgia may find themselves facing charges if they consent to a blood alcohol content (BAC) test and the result is .08 or higher.

People arrested for or suspected of DUI in Georgia always have the right to legal counsel at any time during their dealings with police, prosecutors or courts. The Peach State includes several exceptions for DUI cases, such as an emergency situation require driving after a person had been drinking or the possibility that a person began drinking after driving.

A few facts about distracted driving

If you suffered injuries in an accident with a driver who was not paying attention, or you lost a loved one in such an event, you probably have a lot of questions about what rights you have to seek compensation for your losses. Distracted driving-related accidents are common. In fact, they occur daily in the state of Georgia and elsewhere across the country.

Hundreds of thousands of people suffer injuries in collisions caused by distracted drivers every year. Thousands more die in such incidents. Far too many people suffer losses due to the actions of those who fail to pay attention to the road as they drive.

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