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Is it really safer to walk on the left side of the road?

We grow up riding in cars that travel on the right side of the road. When we learn to ride a bike, we find out that we're supposed to cycle on the right side of the road as well. For this reason, it often comes as a surprise when we hear that it's safest to walk on the left side of the road.

Nevertheless, one of the most important rules of pedestrian safety involves walking on the left side so that we're facing the flow of traffic. Why is this?

How to go about seeking compensation after a car accident

If you've suffered injuries in an auto accident, you are likely dealing with financial and emotional losses on top of your physical pain. The car accident was not your fault, but you are certainly paying for it in more ways than one. According to Georgia laws, you may seek compensation for your losses.

If the driver who hit you was insured, you'll likely hear from his or her insurance provider. It will want to perform its own investigation in order to determine fault. If it deems it necessary to cover your losses, it will look at a number of factors to determine how much to pay you. Something to remember before jumping on any settlement offer is, the insurance provider does not have your best interests in mind.

Fiction and fact about Breathalyzer tests

Almost everyone, including criminal court judges, agrees that Breathalyzer test results are not always accurate. For this reason, a failed Breathalyzer test alone will not always result in a drunk driving conviction in Georgia. Nevertheless, Breathalyzer test evidence could serve as a pivotal piece of information against the defendant. Therefore, it's important to understand a few misconceptions that pertain to these devices.

Here are few common misconceptions about Breathalyzers:

Avoid dooring accidents while you’re riding your bike

If you're a frequent bicyclist and you don't know the term "dooring accident," then it's time to learn about this extremely dangerous type of collision. It happens like this: A bicyclist is traveling down the road or sidewalk, and there's a line of cars parallel parked along the side of the road. Unbeknownst to the bicyclist, someone is inside one of these cars and about to open his door. The door opens suddenly, the bicyclist has no time to react and slams into the edge of the door in a violent collision.

Dooring accidents like this are common, and they frequently cause catastrophic injuries to the bicyclist involved. In the worst cases, they can be fatal.

What liability concerns should I look for in a trucking accident?

Big rig accidents are starkly different from normal vehicle crashes because of the state and federal rules and regulations that apply to them. Semitruck drivers and the transportation companies that employ them, for example, are beholden to special maintenance requirements, rest time requirements and smartphone usage rules.

For this reason, passenger car drivers who have been injured in a crash should keenly look for specific liability issues following a collision. Here are three potential semitruck liability concerns that are most important to watch out for:

When will marijuana benefit from federal legalization?

If Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer has his way, the federal government could be on track to legalize marijuana. Schumer introduced a proposed piece of legislation to the Senate last month. The bill is called the Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act, and if it becomes law, it would take marijuana off the federal government's list of controlled substances.

Currently, marijuana is a Schedule I drug under federal rules, meaning it's one of the most dangerous drugs that exists in the federal government's eyes, and it's on par with heroin in terms of its perceived danger for addiction and lack of medical uses. However, U.S. citizens across the country have easy access to medical marijuana through their state's medical marijuana programs, which leads one to question why the federal government still claims it doesn't have a medical purpose.

3 ways to defend against a drunk driving charge

It doesn't matter what circumstances surrounded your drunk driving arrest and charges. You will have the legal right to defend yourself during your legal proceedings. The facts pertaining to your arrest and charges, however, will dictate the type of criminal defense strategy you choose to move forward with.

Here are three ways that Athens, Georgia, residents might choose to respond to their DUI charges:

What will happen if I quit heroin cold turkey?

Many people get inspired to quit their heroin addiction after an arrest and drug charges. Indeed, it's the best thing any accused person can do to improve his or her life situation. Detoxing from heroin isn't going to be easy, but it's not impossible.

One of the biggest drawbacks of quitting heroin is the experience of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are so severe that they send many people running back to the drug, causing them to fall back into the addictive cycle.

Beware of distracted drivers in Georgia

Do you ever wonder how some people were able to obtain valid drivers' licenses because they appear to lack even the most basic skills needed for the safe operation of a motor vehicle? If so, you likely wouldn't be the first Georgia resident to feel as though a careless driver in your vicinity shouldn't be behind the wheel at all. There's not much you can do to change the fact that as long as you are driving, there will be cautious as well as negligent drivers in your vicinity.  

The problem is that the latter places you and all motorists and pedestrians in the area at risk for injury. Many negligent drivers are distracted. In fact, manual, visual and cognitive distractions cause a high percentage of the fatal accidents that occur in this state and most others in the nation. If you survive a collision another driver's negligence has caused, you may be temporarily or permanently disabled. That's why it's critical to know the signs of distracted driving, as well as where to seek support if a crash occurs

Advice for preventing wet road accidents while driving

The summer months in Georgia come with increased rainfall and that means slicker and slipperier roads that result in unintended vehicle accidents. In order to prevent becoming a summer vehicle accident statistic, you may want to take some precautions every time the sky opens up with wet and stormy weather. Here are some wet driving tips from AAA that will help you stay safe on rainy roads:

Don't use cruise control

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