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How can you get burned from a truck wreck?

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2024 | Truck Accidents

Truck wrecks are often chaotic. In the aftermath of a wreck involving a large vehicle, drivers and passengers may scramble to exit their vehicles.

Understanding burn risks is important for grasping how these injuries can happen suddenly and harm individuals.

Fuel fires

One of the first hazards people face during a truck wreck is fuel ignition. Upon impact, fuel tanks can explode, spilling flammable liquids onto the road.

If ignited by sparks or heat, these fuels can erupt into flames, engulfing vehicles and individuals nearby. The intense heat generated by such fires can cause severe burns for anyone caught in the blaze.


Besides injuries from fire, people in truck wrecks can also get hurt by chemicals. Many trucks carry hazardous materials, such as acids or corrosive substances, which can leak or spill during this time. Contact with these chemicals can result in chemical burns, causing significant tissue damage.

Hot metal and debris

The sheer force of a truck wreck can cause metal components to heat up rapidly, creating hot surfaces capable of causing burns upon contact. Additionally, wreckage and debris strewn across the site may retain heat from the wreck, posing a burn risk to people. These burn injuries can result in considerable pain and tissue damage.


Another way people can get burned in a truck wreck is from steam. When hot liquids like water or coolant spill out, they can quickly turn into steam and harm individuals. Steam burns can be particularly severe, as the heat travels over a larger area of skin, leading to extensive tissue damage.

Although a wreck involving cars is dangerous, truck wrecks present even more opportunities for health problems. People struggling with injuries after truck wrecks may want to seek fair compensation.