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What cyber activities can lead to criminal charges?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2024 | Criminal Defense, White Collar Crimes

In an increasingly digital world, where technology governs much of people’s daily lives, understanding the legal implications of certain cyber activities is important.

Georgia has laws in place to protect individuals and businesses from cybercrime.

Unauthorized access to computer systems

Gaining unauthorized access to computer systems is a serious offense. Whether it is hacking into private networks or attempting to bypass security measures, such actions can result in criminal charges.

Identity theft and fraud

Identity theft and fraud are not only breaches of trust but also criminal acts. In Georgia, using someone else’s personal information with the intent to deceive or gain something of value is illegal. This includes activities like phishing, where a person tricks individuals into revealing sensitive information.

Cyberstalking and online harassment

The digital realm is not exempt from the laws governing personal safety and well-being. Cyberstalking and online harassment, which involve persistent and unwanted online behavior, can lead to criminal charges. The state recognizes the impact of such actions on individuals’ lives and takes measures to protect against digital harassment. A recent study indicated that 52% of U.S. adults reported some form of online harassment in their lives.

Distribution of malicious software

Intentionally distributing malicious software, such as viruses, worms or ransomware, is a criminal offense. This includes activities aimed at damaging computer systems, stealing data or extorting money. Perpetrators engaging in such actions may face charges related to the intentional harm caused by their cyber activities.

As life becomes increasingly intertwined with technology, understanding the legal consequences of cyber actions is important. Georgia’s laws reflect the state’s commitment to maintaining a secure digital environment.