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Who is liable for your amusement park injuries in Georgia?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2024 | Premises Liability

Amusement parks welcome thousands of visitors each year, and with that comes a big responsibility: keeping everyone safe. These parks work hard to inspect and maintain rides regularly to prevent accidents. Still, disaster can strike at any time, and it is not always the park’s fault.

If you sustain injuries at one of Georgia’s amusement parks, it’s important to know who to hold responsible.

Common amusement park injuries

Amusement parks draw large crowds, and with so many rides, accidents can happen. The three main kinds of injuries at these parks include:

  • Ride injuries: Mechanical failures, flaws in ride design or operator negligence can result in devastating injuries. There have been reports of guests falling off rides due to unsecured harnesses, staying stuck in uncomfortable positions due to ride stalls or hitting themselves against railings. The sheer force of some attractions can also result in whiplash, neck injuries or amputations.
  • Slip and fall injuries: Many accidents can result from wet or slippery surfaces. When amusement parks fail to warn visitors or address spills promptly, people can lose their footing, slip or trip and fall.
  • Heart attack or stroke: Individuals with heart problems, epilepsy, back injuries, or who are pregnant may suffer a heart attack, stroke, seizure, or other health complication if they go on rides that have no safety risk warnings.

Was the accident a result of amusement park negligence?

If you are injured due to amusement park or staff negligence, you may be eligible to receive compensation. However, amusement parks are not always at fault if a guest suffers harm on their premises. There are many factors to consider when determining fault or liability.

Past court rulings in Georgia have established that property owners may not be liable under certain conditions:

  • Injuries caused by a defect that was open and obvious
  • Injuries caused by a risk that the property owner did not know about

For instance, if a guest enters an area of the park that is obviously dangerous or restricted and suffers harm, they may not be entitled to receive compensation. To hold the park accountable, you must prove their negligence.

Although the cause of amusement park injuries can be clear such as in the case of a loose harness or poorly trained staff, there are times when it is not as obvious. If a new hazard arises and injures someone before the park could reasonably become aware of it, the park might not be held liable.

Premises liability is complicated

Whether you’re someone who loves heart-racing rides or you just want to have some laid-back fun, Georgia’s parks have something for you. But if an injury happens, you may face expensive medical expenses, rehabilitation, and treatment or have to miss work. Figuring out who to hold liable is crucial to seeking compensation.